Experience seamless classroom management with our versatile Classes tool, empowering teachers to assign, grade, communicate, and evaluate, and students to engage, track progress, and grow.



  • Enrolment and Scheduling
    Manage class enrolments, set weekly timetables, and create school calendar for all school levels
  • Forums
    Start discussion threads with inbuilt features of multilevel likes and replies
  • Unit Plans
    Display unit plan overviews to explain students the intended learning outcomes
  • Virtual Classroom
    Schedule Zoom and Teams meetings for synchronous learning
  • Lessons
    Upload and organize resources for flipped classroom learning
  • Syllabus
    Upload the class syllabus for student reference during the semester
  • Grade Book
    Track student performance based on IB defined criteria and grade boundaries
  • Announcements
    Post announcements about course updates using text, images and multimedia
  • Assignments
    Schedule manual tasks and on-screen assessments using IB defined criteria
  • Resources
    Upload and organize reference material in the form of images, videos and files